Monetizing Healthcare Data – The Challenges and Opportunities

7th October 2021 11am - 12pm ET Webinar

What to expect?

Join Neudata, LeapYear, and a panel of industry experts as they discuss the challenges and opportunities of monetizing a sensitive healthcare data set.

We all know that healthcare data contains important information about patterns in disease, care and therapy. We also know that this data is sensitive, subject to both HIPAA and an overall ethical need to care for the people and information in this data set.

On the 7th October we will be tackling subjects such as:

  • Why there is a need to monetize this data?
  • Why there is a need to use this data set on the buy-side?
  • What can be done to achieve the need to both protect and use this type of data?

We’ll further expand on the subject matter through use case examples and insights provided by our Gold sponsor LeapYear.


Join the disucssion

Thursday 7 October

  • 11:00am ET
    Welcome & Introduction

    Kathryn Forde, Senior Analyst, Neudata

  • 11:05am ET
    PANEL: Monetizing Healthcare Data - The Challenges and Opportunities

    Dawson Smith, Sr. Director, Monetization, LeapYear, Nancy Green, Executive Director, Health Data Board, Kev Vorhees, Data Science Manager, Lake Partners & Kathryn Forde, Senior Analyst, Neudata

  • 11:45am ET
    Example Use Cases of Sensitive Data

    Dawson Smith, Sr. Director, Monetization, LeapYear

  • 12:00pm ET


  • Dawson Smith

    LeapYear Technologies

    Sr. Director, Monetization

    Dawson is Senior Director of Sales at LeapYear Technologies and leads the firm’s data commercialization business.  He works with data owners to securely monetize their data using LeapYear’s transformative software. Before LeapYear, Dawson held leadership positions at various alternative data and research organizations, providing solutions to institutional investors and corporate clients.  He graduated cum laude from Boston College with an honors degree in Philosophy.

  • Kathryn Forde


    Senior Analyst
    Kathryn Forde is a senior analyst at Neudata. As part of Neudata’s data scouting team, she is responsible for researching and evaluating alternative datasets for institutional investors. Her specialisms include transactional data and cryptoassets, as well as the broader alternative data landscape. Kathryn is currently working towards attaining the CFA designation.
  • Kev Vorhees

    Lake Partners

    Data Science Manager

    Kev Vorhees has led the Data Science team at Lake Partners since 2018 and is primarily focused on data sourcing and analysis for a single buy side client. Prior to joining Lake Partners, he spent nine years working in healthcare across multiple disciplines including finance, public policy, and quality improvement. He holds a BS in Finance from Santa Clara University and an MHA from the University of Washington.

  • Nancy Green

    Health Data Board

    Executive Director

    Nancy Green is the Executive Director of HealthDataBoard which delivers trusted health insights that guide critical and transforming business decisions which are used to reduce risk and improve health quality and clinical and financial outcomes. By safely creating insights, we put predictive power of Machine Learning and large population analytics in the hands of those that are evaluating healthcare trends, policy and outcomes.

    Nancy is an award-winning global healthcare and strategic business development executive with expertise in stimulating growth, bringing new and disruptive innovative ideas to market as well as a strong thought leader and creator of strategic alliances.

    Prior to joining HealthDataBoard, Nancy built her own comprehensive business consulting firm, where she focused on identifying gaps and opportunities to accelerate business success. She specialized in creating strategic partnerships and leading BOLD transformational leadership work. Nancy also led global healthcare thought leadership, strategy and strategic innovation partnerships with Verizon working with healthcare industry leaders on transforming the sector through the adoption of innovation solutions and transformational change.


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  • Pandemic
  • Data Privacy
  • Security Regulations
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • WHO